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MissViolet Millington

When Violet Millington was bombed out of her house in Lambeth in 1940, she did the obvious thing and headed north to Little Hope and the house of her old chum Lavinia Fox.  A winsome wench in her youth, Violet had been 'disappointed' by beastly Bertie Bolsover in 1922 and had been scouring England for a suitable replacement ever since...

Appears in Juliet's works:

The Wit and Wisdom of Hilda Ffinch: The Bird With All The Answers (Published 2020)


Violet was sure that there had been no tossing involved. We were British, after all and didn't really go in for that sort of thing. Much.

Violet took the phrase 'Loose Lips Sink Ships' very seriously indeed and remained mute for much of 1943...

Determined to get her hands on her sausage ration, Violet set off for the butchers at a rate of knots on her trusty Roadster. En route, she accidentally took out three boy scouts, a line of washing and a jolly plump pheasant (the latter being ideal for dinner the following Sunday)...

The Colonel said he'd seen some great tits on the windowsill. Violet said she was game if he was.

Thus ended her 20 minute stint in the ATS...

Violet was convinced that the Christmas sixpence was in there somewhere...

"Fear not," whispered Violet as they headed into the shelter, "I have a large bottle of gin cunningly concealed about my person..."



The Joys of Tiddlywinks

Subtlety had never been Violet's strongpoint. 


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