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Meet Juliet's

Villagers of Little Hope!

Agapanthus Crumb. Mrs Fox Goes To War.

Mrs Agapanthus Crumb

Leader of the  militant wing of the Women's Institute of Little Hope.

Likes baking.

Can bang out a spotted dick in under an hour.

Aubrey Fishwick (c) Juliet Warrington 2020

The Reverend Aubrey Fishwick

Vicar of Little Hope.

Distinguished himself at Passchendaele.

Terribly fond of macaroons.

Agnes Lockheart (c) Juliet Warrington 2020

Miss Agnes Lockheart

The cleaner with a secret past.

Lives in a small flat above the cinema in the High Street.

A bit theatrical.

Archie Fortescue (c) Juliet Warrington 2020

Archie Fortescue

Evacuee 'from the south'.

Very advanced sort.

Loves Aristotle and reads hieroglyphs terribly well for one so young.

Mrs Fox Goes To War

The Hon. Codrington Shagg-Pyle, RN.

Commander of HMS Nancy

Rumoured to have gone down in the Bay of Biscay.

Dee Day (c) Juliet Warrington 2020

Miss Dee Day

Terribly sensible sort.

Tenant of Mrs Hilda Ffinch, currently typing out her memoirs in lieu of rent.

Knows exactly what to do if the invader comes...

Miss Doris Moon

Munitions factory worker

Expert at the Collegiate Shag

Fancies local butcher Wilf Trotter rather a lot...

Edna The Evacuee

Edna Tebbit, late of Tooting and now resident at The Old Toll House on the Bell End Road.

Likes catapults.

Hates Woolton Pie.

Little Fanny Fuller

The vicar's housemaid.

Hates dusting, can't pluck a pigeon.

Fancies the vicar's nephew something rotten...

Mr George Cross

Reclusive inventor of 'splendid things that are yet to be'.

SOE Operative.

Has the hots for the village postmistress.

Likes a bit of rough shag.

Horatio, Lord Shagg-Pyle

Local Lord of the Manor.

Likes port.

Dislikes gout.

Miss June Fox

'Big June'

Spinster sister-in-law of Mrs Lavinia Fox.

Hands like shovels.

Amateur archaeologist.

Smokes a pipe.

Mrs Lavinia Fox

Old school, former Girl Guide, diarist.

Expensive and racey, a bit like a 1932 Bentley 8 litre Roadster...

Miss May Day

Sister of Miss Dee Day and fellow tenant of Mrs Hilda Ffinch.

Resourceful and imaginative.

Never short of a couple of pollocks from Grimsby Docks.

Olga, Lady Shagg-Pyle

Mysterious madam 'from the east'

(Russia, not Grimsby).

Has a notoriously aggressive pussy...

Master Percy Fishwick

Nephew to the Reverend Aubrey.

Flat feet.

Hardy perennial student often to be found fingering 'Fanny By Gaslight' at the local library... 

Miss Penny Stamp


Sorter of all things home and colonial.

Adventurous type.

Has a cat named Smartypants.

Miss Vera Flynn

Choir Mistress.

Likes Johnnie Walker.

Enjoys a good swing herself from time to time..

Miss Victoria Cross


SOE Operative.

Saturday night warbler in The Cat and Cabbage public house...

Miss Violet Millington

Hardy perennial spinster/house guest at Fox Manor.

Bit of a man-eater.

Likes knitting .

Fancies Winston Churchill.

Mr Wilf Trotter

The Butcher of Little Hope

(NB: He's not a serial killer).

Legendary sausage.

Besotted with Miss Doris Moon...

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