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Little hope is a fictional village in darkest Yorkshire where it's perpetually wartime and the villagers are generally keeping reasonably calm and carrying on...

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Featured in the Royal Photographic Society's 'DIGIT' magazine, September 2017

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To Reviews

"There's never a dull moment in Little Hope! A funny, imaginative and brilliantly written creation, paying tribute to a time and generation that many of us heard about from our parents and grandparents, but can barely imagine in the early years of the 21st Century. And let no-one tell you that such characters never existed; they did, and in a world where folk told it like it was, but still had a good laugh, through one of Britain's darkest times. For those whose relatives from those days are fading into memory, the folk of Little Hope are a reminder of wartime Britain, and the eccentricities of the British. The writing is fabulous, the images likewise. The Remembrance Day tributes were startling in their simplicity and honour for the fallen. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Mrs Fox Goes To War acquire a far greater following, and much wider success than it already enjoys; it's a fresh and funny tribute to a time and generation that even now is quietly disappearing. The stories from Little Hope are quintessentially British, and reveal that even in our darkest hours, there was every hope."

JB, Cheshire

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