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Meet Mr George Cross!

Mr George Cross, SOE Agent extraordinaire, was known to be a master of disguise and slight of hand and was a damned fine shot to boot. His signature fragrance was a unique brand of tobacco which lingered in the air long after he'd departed the covert scene of operations and it was rumoured that a single whiff of his peculiar shag was enough to strike fear into the very heart of any jerry coming across it. George was also rather adept at puffing out Morse code with his pipe, as it were, so to speak, hence his SOE handle ‘Three Nuns Shag’.

George was the beloved beau of Penny Stamp, the postmistress of Little Hope, and it was truly a match made in heaven, they danced around one another's affections like Fred and Ginger and managed - inadvertently - to cause havoc both abroad in occupied Europe and back home in Blighty.

Follow that man!

(Big cheer for Paul, aka George Cross!)

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