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Meet Miss June Fox!

June Fox was the younger (and indeed only) sister of Mrs Fox's erstwhile husband, Basil. An odd, terribly angular girl with an awfully deep voice and shoulders like a tallboy, June was a confirmed spinster and the bane of Mrs Fox's life at times, frankly. Heading north to avoid the bombing in London in 1940, June set up camp in the Damask bedroom at Fox Hall and made herself completely at home, raising the base of the Queen Anne four poster in there by a good six inches all the way round in order that she might hop in and out quite gaily without banging her head on the canopy.

June soon became the scourge of the Little Hope Women's Institute and, despite her oversized shadow wreaking havoc on the sunny side of Mrs Fox's greenhouse when she stomped off to Dig for Victory, June's enormous gourds became the stuff of legend at the annual village fete - even putting the Reverend Fishwick's big boys to shame. There was some talk of an illicit romance between June and Detective Inspector Crimes of the Yorkshire Constabulary, and although neither party was willing to come clean about the rumours, the good gentleman did take to spending an inordinate amount of time at Fox Hall following June's arrival, mostly taking notes about missing slippers, cracked teacups and the nocturnal wanderings of Mrs Fox's notoriously grumpy pussy...

More about Big June!

(Big thanks to the model who played June. You know who you are!)

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