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"Younger brother to Little Hope’s very own Lord Horatio Shagg-Pyle, Codrington – as a second son – decided at an early age that it was to be a life on the ocean wave for him and shot off to sea at the earliest opportunity like - as they say in the north - ‘a ferret up a drainpipe.’

Having exchanged his drainpipe for a hornpipe, Codrington set to with a will swabbing the decks and sampling lots of grog which he soon developed a taste for and stuck with religiously thereafter.

Our hero soon found himself up there with the best of them under Admiral Salmon and Sir John Fisher, before going on to positively distinguish himself under Lord Jellico at Jutland. Returning a hero and sporting an eye patch (occasionally, he still had a right eye, it just liked to sleep more than the left one) Codrington went on to command His Majesty’s ships Cauldron and Rum-Runner before hopping onto the poop deck of HMS Nancy in early 1940. There had been no news of the Nancy for a while, her last position having been reported as ‘going like buggery after the blighters’ near the Bay of Biscay, until one dark night when Codrington - surrounded by a fine sea mist - materialised in Little Hope..."

Come and meet Codrington Shagg-Pyle, RN at

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