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"It is superb to use a well worn phrase, the stories and letters of Mrs Fox and Hilda Ffinch are original informative and contain humour that will reach Male and female, young and old together. The stories relate back to the war years where the nation was under great stress but retained its sense of humour that kept everyone going. The writing is excellent with clever use of vocabulary , innuendo and imagination that reaches out to all who follow the stories and the letters of dear Hilda the agony aunt. The responses from Hilda are so factual and interesting that it inspires readers to respond and feel part of this very original and brilliantly written article . It would be a must for so many readers to have it all together in its own physical magazine or even a book. Julie Warrington, the brains behind this, is amazing - she can put so much together!"

Tony Langlands, Gainsborough

"How refreshing to find such original and amusing tales and characters as can be found in Mrs Fox Goes To War. Obviously written by someone with a serious interest and knowledge about the war years. Loving the accompanying photographs which paint a wonderful picture. Keep up the good work old bean!"

Mo Fowler, Maryport

"As an avid reader of all things published since I were but a lad, I have been amazed and amused at the goings on in Little Hope. Some great attention to detail, and I hope that somewhere along the line, a book will be published. Dare I hope for a TV series?"

R. Jones, Lincolnshire


Many thanks indeed for all your lovely reviews! Much appreciated, folks! 

"What with the news these days being so depressing....war in Syria, Brexit, Antisemitism and the rest....I've stopped listening to the radio at breakfast time. Nowadays I simply log on and see what the good folk in Little Hope have been up to. It takes me back to the good old, bad old days of World War Two when life was simpler, men competed for having the largest marrow, women vied for a go on the vicar's organ and Hilda Ffinch was the Oracle to whom they all brought their trials and tribulations. If only she were alive today, Hilda for PM, I say! And I don't mean Post Menopausal! Mrs Fox goes to war is an affectionate and funny tribute to the wartime generation. I love it 😊.."

Lin Pollit

"Absolutely love this page, so funny. Hilda Finch the agony aunt of the day & Mrs Fox for Prime Minister I say!"

Viv O'Keefe, Wales

"Love every day waking up to this fabulous blog. I've never known anything so funny it has my husband & me in stitches especially Mrs Ffinch's replies to requests for help.  Please keep this going I just love it. I feel like the villagers of Little Hope are now my friends xxx"

Sue Hughes, Wirral

"I enjoyed reading about life in Little Hope very much. OMG, when did my aunt Thia change her name to Fox? Great characters. As a small child, I remember many of the phrases. What fun. When is the book coming out? xx"

Maralyn Morgan, Leicestershire

"Mrs Fox  / Hilda Ffinch is a great site for all your problems! I had a problem with a rusty bayonet - I kept rubbing it but was still rusty -  Mrs Ffinch helped me to clean it and now a quick wipe brings it up well!  I really think this is the best help site! (p.s. I have a bit of a crush on Mrs Fox!)

Richard ('Charles')

"This is innovative, instructive and tickle your funny bone writing. The whole letter writing and subsequent advice schtick shows the human comedy never grows old, nor does the need of the human condition . I'm a Yank but am still able to appreciate and understand the humor and intent behind Mrs. Fox. Thank you! "

CA Barris-Speke, Georgia, USA

"If you take Dads Army, Allo Allo, Hamish and Dougal combine them all and then take the comedy level up a few notches ,this nearly hits the comedy level of Mrs Fox goes To War. The double entendre of Hamish and Dougal, the situation comedy of Dads Army and now mix that with the exploits of Renie and co of Allo Allo.  All set in one fictional village during WW2 it is a masterpiece of original refreshing comedy which crosses all ages and cultures. I can see the comedy mind of Julie Warrington being grabbed by someone enlightened for a comedy series, maybe a film on the exploits of Little Hope villagers with Hilda Ffinch as the main character..."

Rob Horner, Bulgaria

Oh my goodness! What a laugh! Mrs Fox is absolutely splendid and I haven't stopped laughing at Violet and Doris and just love Wilf's marvellous moustache!

As well as the comedy, which brings the villagers of Little Hope terrifyingly to life, there are some wonderfully poignant and informative articles on here.

There may be laughs a plenty but there is also a deep respect for the people who lived in those times - extraordinary folk and extraordinary heroes.

Well done Julie Warrington - absolutely marvellous!

S. Hughes, Sterling, Scotland

"I thoroughly enjoy the antics and goings-on of Mrs. Fox and the rest of the amusing characters of the village of Little Hope and eagerly look forward to my regular dose of this delightfully intoxicating concoction of refreshingly original creativity. The content contains such great wit and humour with ample helpings of hilarious innuendo which has me giggling like a school girl at the back of the class. The names of the characters provide an initial taste of the fun in store for the reader; with names such as ‘May Day’, ‘Penny Stamp’ and my favourite, Lord and Lady ‘Shagg-Pyle’ which has me rolling on the carpet with laughter! Letters written to Agony Aunt Hilda Ffinch are extremely funny, written in tones of cringe-worthy naivety with a dash of bawdiness thrown in. The amazing imagery is totally captivating and the inclusion of authentic photography adds to the overall ambience. The incredibly talented writer of this absorbing piece of ingenious, humorous and nostalgic excellence is to be totally commended. TTFN!"

Gill Hughes, Wrexham

Little Hope - the place to be!  With shenanigans-a-plenty, the people of this little back-water bring a smile to the face with their interactions and efforts to win the war. Humour from an age when ‘Health & Safety’ was just a magazine, not a way of life. Don't take my word for it ‘tune’ in and take a look - get involved with Hilda Ffinch’s problem page - she will ‘make it right’ - put your toe in Little Hope's pond of gentle madness.....its invigorating!

Richard Archer ('Keen of Essex!')

"It's hard to say what I love most about this site. The insight into history, the excellent recount of the lives of Little Hope inhabitants or the pure joy of a good laugh whilst sitting back with my morning cuppa. Unless it's afternoon, then it's time for a sneaky gin. Thank you, villagers. This is brilliant, and I love every single one of you - but I must confess to a soft spot for Ms Crumb, member of the militant wing of the Women's Institute. Keep up the good work!"

Kate Wingrove, Australia

"Well, what can I say? Mrs Fox and Hilda Ffinch are the ones to watch...British humour at its best... Innuendo, double entendre , a superb play on words and phrases. The letters from their followers are just as funny, as are the replies. It takes a special person to invent these characters, research the period and accurately portray the time and the place. Little Hope and its inhabitants are a brilliant invention by Julie Warrington and deserving of every accolade. Her photography is excellent and cleverly reflects the period. If this was a TV series it would be deserving of every accolade. I must compare it to series such as Dads Army; Allo, Allo and Ab Fab. The writing is truly wonderful. Lets hope, Little Hope gets 'discovered'!"

Kay Henry, Lincolnshire

"In the current climate where all seems doom and gloom, with ever perpetuating negativity in the media, it's a real joy and a breathe of fresh air to follow Mrs Fox and the villagers of Little Hope. Reading about their daily escapades which is very much tongue in cheek never fails to bring a smile to my face with the occasional bout of hysterics thrown in for good measure! Mrs Fox for Prime Minister!"

David Jones. Wrexham

"There's never a dull moment in Little Hope! A funny, imaginative and brilliantly written creation, paying tribute to a time and generation that many of us heard about from our parents and grandparents, but can barely imagine in the early years of the 21st Century. And let no-one tell you that such characters never existed; they did, and in a world where folk told it like it was, but still had a good laugh, through one of Britain's darkest times. For those whose relatives from those days are fading into memory, the folk of Little Hope are a reminder of wartime Britain, and the eccentricities of the British. The writing is fabulous, the images likewise. The Remembrance Day tributes were startling in their simplicity and honour for the fallen. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Mrs Fox Goes To War acquire a far greater following, and much wider success than it already enjoys; it's a fresh and funny tribute to a time and generation that even now is quietly disappearing. The stories from Little Hope are quintessentially British, and reveal that even in our darkest hours, there was every hope."

Julian Baum, Chester

"The stories are very funny and the pictures of the characters have a nostaglic patina that seem like they have just been discovered in a long lost tin of cookies. Very authentic for the war time serial - could and should be on television..."

Charles Hardy, USA

"Am swiftly becoming addicted to the erudite (and occasionally sober) musings of Hilda Ffinch. She adds just enough 'sauce' to enliven mundane wartime fare..... More Carry On Matron than Keep Calm and Carry On, but I love it!"

Sheryl Conran Brown

"Laughed so much the tears ran down my leg! With Mrs Fox and Hilda Ffinch manning the barricades who needs the Home Guard?"

Tyger Benbow-Jones, Wrexham

"It's great for me! Mrs Fox - love your villager's capers, have posted you on my friends Facebook pages so we can all share the capers of the butchers sausage and the vicars reviews! Carry on as my friends need a damn good laugh..."

Beryl Lucas

"I look forward to reading 'Mrs Fox Goes To War' every day, if you haven’t started to follow her yet, you don’t know what you are missing. The letters to Hilda Ffinch are brilliant and they give you a good laugh every day!"

T. Evans, Cardiff

"A clever, hilarious tale, accompanied by great photography processed to convey the mood of the period. The author has created a comic look at WWII from the eyes of colloquial England as the effects of war are sewn into the fabric of the community. While funny, witty and often risque, the material is based on a rich background of research. the story stands up well for lovers of "Dad's Army" and my favourite "Allo, Allo"! Already published by the Royal Photographic Society, it would be great to see the BBC give viewers one last comedic look at England’s “Darkest Hour”..."

Derek Jones, Maryland, USA

"Fabulous!!! Love everything about this 😀!!! Please continue!"

Jules Hodkin, Nottingham

"I love having Little Hope in my life! Before meeting Mrs Fox, I had little interest in anything related to the wartime but she has kindled a flame within me and I find myself looking forward to the latest news from the villagers. The village is full of interesting and eccentric characters and the photos are always fabulous. Keep calm and carry on Mrs Fox!"

Julia Jones. Wirral

"Clever, witty and generally hilarious! I love catching up with the adventures of Mrs Fox and the villagers of Little Hope, all brought to life with excellent photography! Always guaranteed to put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye! Can't wait to see more!"

Beky Swinnerton, Wales

"Absolutely superb witty humour. This never fails to make me laugh. Love reading Mrs Fox's antics everyday and can't wait for the next instalments with Hilda the superb agony aunt. Keep it up Mrs Fox! We love you! xx"

Kathy Spendel, Llangollen

"Julie Warrington = Enid Blyton for slightly naughty grown-ups! I love Little Hope!"

Caroline Walker, Evesham

"Hilda Ffinch, the visual offerings have been a feast for the eyes and the accompanying dialogue a real treat! Keep up the good work and the folks in Little Hope will surely succeed in life and lust!"

Anne Peck-Davies

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